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Please make an android and pc version

Nicolai Linde 4 years ago • updated by Maarten Billemont 4 years ago 2
Without Android and PC support this is a second class citizen on the web, please add more support :)

can't install CLI (ubuntu)

uwe347 3 years ago 0
uwe@uwe-lenovo:~/Downloads/MasterPassword-master/MasterPassword/C$ sudo ./install
[sudo] password for uwe:
[20:30 INF] This will install the mpw tool.$
* What bin directory should I install to? [/usr/local/bin]
install: der Aufruf von stat für »mpw“ ist nicht möglich: Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden

what now? what to do for running it?

is there a possibility in the desktop version to store the user name ?

68bernd 3 years ago 0
i'd like to use your tool. The Java version is running fine on Win7. But i have for all my accounts sometimes different usernames, not the same. Does the desktop version allow to store the username ? I didn't find a possibility. The masterkee plugin for keepass2android has one.

Is the security questions are available in all the platform

sbenoit10 6 months ago 0


First of all, I mainly use the MacOS and occasionally use the Windows and iOS version. I think the product pretty handy, especially the security questions functions.  

My question is: can I retrieve my security question answers on the other platform? I'm thinking more specifically of a situation where I would not have access to my MacBook machine and would try to log to a website where I would need to answer security question. 



how to install with linux opensuse ?

Episteme PROMENEUR 4 years ago • updated 4 years ago 3
opensuse 13.1

how to install with linux opensuse ?
i am not a techie . thanks

Provide longer PINs

Michael Schneider 3 years ago • updated by Maarten Billemont 3 years ago 2

is it possible to provide longer (numeric) pins?
While SIM cards use 4-digit PINs, there are quite some devices that require 6- or 8-digit numeric PINs, e.g. hardware tokens for banking (example: Digipass 250) or chipcard readers having a keypad ("Secure Pin Pad Reader").

This can be implemented with the existing format choices, just by expanding the PIN formnat from nnnn to nnnnnnnn. "new format" and "old format" PINs would share the first 4 digits, hence making the change backward-compatible. If a user had generated the PIN "2738" with the old format, the new format PIN would be something like "27384612". This user would simply type the 4 four digits of the new format PIN and unlock his device.


Java/Windows usability

Steffen Koelsch 3 years ago • updated by Albert Irtenkauf 3 years ago 5

I read about your work in a German IT magazine (http://heise.de/-2284364, German). The article raised my interest, and I downloaded both the iOS and the Java/Windows app.

The iOS version has some minor issues regarding usability (Jason B wrote about it), I think that's important to get it to work for new users. If you play around with it a little, you get the idea and learn how to use Master Password. I would be interested in a version that always runs in emergency mode, i.e. without having to save the master password on the phone (and thereby not being able to store sites).

However, the Java/Windows version is - let's say - more difficult :-) After I got what the "config" file is about, I stumbled upon a very basic thing: I am not able to copy/paste the generated passwords out of Master Password. I use KeePass, and am used to pressing a key combination and the tool fills in the passwords for me. I think I could live with Master Password not doing that, but copy/paste using mouse or keyboard is a must.

Furthermore, javaw.exe does not quit when I close the GUI, so I end up having a couple of javaw instances running, each of them allocating >70MB RAM. I downloaded your JAR file this morning, my Java version is 1.7.0_05-b06.

Best regards,

Echoing Master Password on CLI

Michael Breuer 3 years ago • updated by Maarten Billemont 3 years ago 2

tried the java cli version of your app and was a bit shocked when the app echoed my master password to the command line. I think this is just the second best way to do this. Maybe u change this to the typical * in a future release.

App installed on two different devices yields different passwords for same site. What's the best way to sync this?

Victorious 4 years ago • updated by Maarten Billemont 4 years ago 8
I have installed the app on my ipad and my iphone. I've created the users with the same name and same master password but when I generate a site password, for www.woot.com for example, I get different results from the app. What is the best way (it should be possible) to sync the devices so that they will both generate the same site password?

Are there plans to allow syncing of usernames/domain names between devices?

cuardin 4 years ago • updated by Maarten Billemont 4 years ago 8
To be clear, I am specifically asking about a portable system that works on all operating systems. I understand that this will require some form of server component and a database, but in terms of databases it is about as simple as it gets.

Are there any thoughts on this?