Java version: location and content of config file

Martin Schweikert 3 years ago in Mac 0

I might be overlooking something, but I did not find any posts about what I am interested in. Also sorry for choosing the category "Mac" while my questions/ideas are about the Java version on Windows, but this was the closest I could find.

I have 2 problems.

First, I want to use the software on a work PC and am officially not allowed to install anything. I can of course run it from a USB stick, but it expects the config file on the C: drive, apparently in the directory %USERPROFILE%. I would prefer that I could give the path to the config file as a command line argument. In this case I could point to the USB stick, which would mean that I could use my stick on ANY machine.

Second, the Java version, unlike the Android version, does not remember the entries. This means I have to exactly remember the names and especially the counters for each site. It would be great if these data would be stored in the config file so that the application could behave like the Android version. I would not mind entering the master password at every program start if I could have the site data in the config file.

I would also suggest that the master password can be omitted in the config file - under UNIX it is possible to restrict the access to oneself and the administrator, but on a work PC under Windows there is no chance for secrecy ...

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