is it true that there are only one-time passwords?

ingolf 3 years ago in Mac • updated 3 years ago 5
is it true that there are only one-time passwords? But would not be possible with most services!
is there a solution to use this app properly
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Hey Ingolf,

I'm unsure if I understand what the issue or question is. Master Password does not produce one-time passwords; it produces passwords that are different for each site but always the same for that site each time you look it up. 

If this doesn't answer your question, please try to rephrase. 

Thank you, I understand.

But where they are stored? With a password manager on a server, hard drive or in the cloud.

and...how can the same PW be used per page (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)?
This is exactly what makes Master Password unique.  It doesn't store your passwords anywhere.  After showing them on the screen or copying them to your clipboard, it just forgets them.

The next time you need the password again, it re-calculates it.  It does this based on your name, master password and the site's name.

As a result, you can calculate your password on any computer without needing access to the Internet, to a copy of your password vault, or anything other than your own memory.

I did not understand your second question.  The password you get depends on the name you use for the site.  So if you want Twitter to have a different password from Facebook, then name your sites: "twitter.com" and "facebook.com".  This is what you *should* be doing.  If for some reason you want them to have the *same* password (bad idea!), then you could use a common name for them, eg. "social".
Hi Maarten, 
thanks for the replies. now everything is clear. I will try the Mac app, I'm very excited,
I use 1Password