Which "Master Password" implementation is most robust for linux?

TomRoche 4 years ago • updated by Maarten Billemont 4 years ago 4
I recently heard about "Master Password" from "Reset the Net" and am interested, however I run mostly linux (debian) so the iOS/MacOS app is not a serious option. Which of your other implementations currently most robust on linux: CLI, Java, other?
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Currently there is just the Java CLI and a bash script to invoke it.  There is a C implementation but it's not finished.  When it is, it'll be a lot speedier than the Java version.

The Java version is plenty robust, it's just a bit slow to start up.
@Maarten Billemont: "The Java version is plenty robust"
I'd like to try that. Two more questions:
  1. Would you recommend a Java type (e.g., OpenJDK vs Sun) or version (or both) to use to run MP-CLI?
  2. Can one build MP-CLI out of the git repo?[1] I notice that the JAR in masterpassword-cli.zip is just named "masterpassword-cli-GIT-SNAPSHOT.jar" but I'd like to know which branch or tag I'm using (esp if I try to play with it).
[1]: https://github.com/Lyndir/MasterPassword
You should be able to just check out the 2.0 tag from the github repo, go into "MasterPassword/Java" and run "mvn clean install" to produce the jar file in "target/".

I have no particular recommendation as far as JVM goes, but - I don't recall exactly now - you may need at least Java 7.