linux using config file freeze

Episteme PROMENEUR 4 years ago • updated by Maarten Billemont 4 years ago 6
Opensuse 13.1 x86_64

i installed the cli version
in ~/bin/ i have a link "mpw"
in ~/share/masterpassword/ i have "baslib" , "mpw" , masterpassword-cli-GIT-SNAPSHOT.jar

i want to have same installation for the jar version
in ~/share/masterpassword/ i put "masterpassword-gui.jar"
in ~/bin/ i created a link masterpassword-gui.jar -> ~/share/masterpassword/masterpassword-gui.jar"

in ~/share/masterpassword/ i created ".mpw" file
in the file ~/share/masterpassword/.mpw i created the statement "Your Name:yourmasterpassword"

no pb with the cli version

with the jar version launched with "java -jar ~/bin/masterpassword-gui.jar"
if i check "use config file" then the app freezes
if i put .mpw in the user's home then no pb using config file . i can get a password
but it is not clean . an app config file must be in its folder . no ?

if i don't record the master password wich is more secure and your advice in the faq
the app does not ask for me the master password and the "sign in stays grey

for linux users

don't use Icedtea (openjdk) the opensource version of sun java
use the sun java

using icedtea in case of "don't check "use config file" lead to a crash of the app
Under review
Try the latest version.
tested with java sun 1.7.0_60
- using a config file with statement "<first name><space><second name>:" works as the cli version . the app asks for you to fill the field "masterpassword"

- you still can't put .mpw in ~/share/masterpassword/
can you supply icon for the app for kde menu ?

kde 4.13.2 uses :
- svgz icon ,
- png icon : 8x8 , 16x16 , 22x22 , 32x32 , 48x48 , 64x64 , 128x128 , 256x256 , 512x512

If you tell me how. ;-)

Yes, the location of .mpw will always be in your home directory.