Multiple accounts, same URL?

Jason Niedle 4 years ago in iOS • updated 4 years ago 3
Great product so far!

if I have multiple accounts on a site such as yahoo,com, but don't want to use the same password for each, what is the best way to do that using Master Password? (Since, obviously, it will generate the same password based on yahoo URL.)

And while I'm here ... What does the "username" feature of the UI do?

thanks for all your hard work!!

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Under review
The "site name" field would be used for this.  While most will just put the site's root domain in there, you can put more complex things in.  A "standardish" way of adding in a username might be "bob@twitter.com", some people prefer "twitter.com/bob".

The username field is there mainly to store your username in case you have difficulty remembering what username you use for various sites.
Awesome, and thanks for such a quick reply!