wat is the major use of the master password application, how it can secure our identity, wat methods did it deploy in saving our identity,

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how i can be sure that this app can save us from loop holes of security. wat is the major benefit in using this app. on wat policies this app is made. how can i trust.
I'll attempt to go over each of those, one by one.  If I fail to answer any of your questions, please re-iterate.

1. Wat is the major use of the master password application

The application is designed primarily to keep people from re-using passwords between multiple sites, and to make it easy for people get secure passwords to use for their sites.

It's really hard for a person to come up with an actually secure password that's sufficiently high in entropy.  Never mind if he has to come up with one for every site he makes an account for.  This application takes care of that for the user, so he doesn't have to.  The passwords it generates are secure (high in entropy), meaning that it's very difficult to near impossible for an attacker to brute-force them.  They're also easy to type on a keyboard, which is important if you type in your passwords often, especially nowadays in the age of smartphones and tables, etc.

2. how it can secure our identity, wat methods did it deploy in saving our identity

If we compare using Master Password to the average Internet user, you gain the following:

- Unique passwords per site: If a hacker obtains the password for 1 site (say, yahoo.com - ref. the latest password database leak) and you have re-used that password on other sites, the hacker can now enter the other sites too.  Not so with Master Password: each site has a unique password.

- Secure passwords: The passwords are long and high in entropy.  The advantage here is that it's almost impossible for an attacker to try and guess your site password: There's way too many possibilities.  You'll also never be using one of the "most common passwords" that hackers try first.  Even if a site gets hacked and a list of password hashes is leaked to hackers, hackers cannot reverse these hashes and obtain your password because the password is simply too long.

3. How i can be sure that this app can save us from loop holes of security.

The algorithm it uses is based on trusted technology and has been reviewed by independent security experts.  The algorithm is also public and the implementation is open-source (not hidden behind "properietary" or "closed-source").  Experts and iOS developers can look at the source and evaluate the trust.

Master Password has gone through several iterations already where loop holes were identified and fixed.  It has become mature enough that I and other experts are confident that no more known loop holes exist within the solution.

4. wat is the major benefit in using this app.

First of all, it will secure your access to password-protected sites beyond anything you could do yourself.  I explained why in my answer to question (2).

Secondly, it protects you from loss of passwords!  If your phone breaks, or your hard disk fails, or you're on holiday, or whatever situation occurs that makes you lose your data, you can always get your passwords back.  The only thing standing between you and your passwords is your master password.  If you remember that, you can always get back to your passwords.  That is a really important guarantee:  It means you are safe from whatever happens.  If tomorrow your house burns down and you're on the street in your pyjamas, you can buy a new iPhone, install Master Password, re-create your user and sites, and your old passwords will be there.  No internet, no backups, no sync.

5. on wat policies this app is made. how can i trust.

Aside from the aforementioned facts (reviewed by independent experts, open-source), the only other thing I can give you to help you trust in Master Password is the knowledge that I've worked with security and authentication applications for the past 5 years.  I've built two-factor authentication and identity management solutions, client and server based.  I know about security and I have experience developing for it.

I hope this answers all your questions.  If there's anything left unclear, please don't hesitate to ask for more details.  I'd be delighted to expand on any topic.