IOS app automatically capitalizes each word when creating initial master password

scott morley 4 years ago in iOS • updated by Maarten Billemont 4 years ago 5
When creating you initial master password, the IOS app automatically changes to capitals each time you hit the space bar. I don't think this is expected behavior. It should only use capitals if the user explicitly pushes the shift key. 

This caused me to be unable to unlock my user immediately after I created it because I didn't realize each word has been capitalized.
Under review
Correct!  This appears to be a bug in iOS 7.0.  I'll be trying to find a work-around for this issue (specifically, it appears to happen because the field is previously used for "name" which is capitalized and then switches to "password" which is explicitly marked as needing to not be auto-capitalized, yet iOS 7.0 appears to ignore this instruction and engage the shift anyway).

Thanks for reporting it though!
Also there's a problem with auto correction being turned on when entering usernames. Both capitalisation and autocorrection need to be disabled on these fields.
also might be useful to set keyboard to email for the usernames as this is common and it's simpler if . and @ are more easily available.
Good feedback, Bob2.  Will take that into account.