How can the windows CLI be modified to provide password types other than long and counters other than 1?

sushman007 . 4 years ago • updated by Maarten Billemont 4 years ago 3
Right now I am calling the jar executable and outputting the generated password to the clipboard so I can paste into websites, but it only generates long passwords with counter 1.  How can I modify the executable to ask me password type and counter number?
The CLI takes options to modify the type of password to generate.  Run it with -h to get a help screen with all the options.  Currently, it shows this:

	Master Password CLI
[options] [site name]
Available options:
	-t | --type [site password type]
		Default: Long Password.  The password type to use for this site.
		Use 'list' to see the available types.
	-c | --counter [site counter]
		Default: 1.  The counter to use for this site.
		Increment the counter if you need a new password.
	-u | --username [user's name]
		Default: asked.  The name of the user.
Available environment variables:
		The name of the user.
		The master password of the user.
And the list of password types ( -t list):
                          type | description
     Maximum Security Password | 20 characters, contains symbols.
                 Long Password | Copy-friendly, 14 characters, contains symbols.
               Medium Password | Copy-friendly, 8 characters, contains symbols.
                Basic Password | 8 characters, no symbols.
                Short Password | Copy-friendly, 4 characters, no symbols.
                           PIN | 4 numbers.
             Personal Password | AES-encrypted, exportable.
       Device Private Password | AES-encrypted, not exported.

As such, to get a maximum security password for apple.com with counter 2, use:

-t "Maximum Security Password" -c 2 apple.com
Perfect, just what I was looking for, thanks!