Are there plans to allow syncing of usernames/domain names between devices?

cuardin 4 years ago • updated by Maarten Billemont 4 years ago 8
To be clear, I am specifically asking about a portable system that works on all operating systems. I understand that this will require some form of server component and a database, but in terms of databases it is about as simple as it gets.

Are there any thoughts on this?
Under review
Hey Cuardin,

First of all, I'm afraid it's not actually that simple at all.  Since we're using multiple devices, several of which can be potentially offline while use and come online at unexpected moments we need to consider things like adding the same site on two separate devices with a different password or user name set coming online at the same time the next day.  iCloud "solves" this fairly well for synchronization between Apple devices.  The iCloud integration was however very expensive and iCloud itself still has hiccups.  I don't look forward to repeating that experience - in fact, I'd rather just get rid of iCloud, to be honest.

Secondly, the way Master Password works in theory, it's a perfect candidate for having no sync whatsoever.  The important things are generated automatically.  Granted, synchronization can be beneficial for things like seeding a new device's store or keeping the counters, password types and user names in sync across devices, but these are things easily set manually.  For seeding a new device, you can export your sites on one device and import the export file on another to copy all your sites over.

In the end, as I said, synchronization can be beneficial for some things (which is why iCloud integration hasn't been removed yet), but it comes with a big implementation expense I just haven't the time to worry about at the moment, with many people eager for a Master Password version to use on their own platform (eg. Mac, Android, Windows, in-browser, etc.).
I see. But I have an idea on how something like that could actually be done in a fairly easy and robust way. If I write a s
Spec and a sample implementation that can handle 10 to 100 k users, would you be interested?
I believe that this feature, together with an in-browser version and the UI updates that have Ben suggested on this site, then you will have a really good program. 
This site is not iPhone friendly. 
I'm always eager to hear suggestions, if you have an idea, by all means, explain it. Understand, though, I cannot release a brand new and barely tested sync implementation to a few thousand users. With MP coming to new platforms, I admit a portable sync would be interesting at least.
I can help you out with the platform support if you want (except the in-browser because I suck at JavaScript). Which priority order do you have?
If you want to help out (and otherwise), you're welcome in #masterpassword on irc.freenode.org