Hello, Do you plan also to make a web app ?

Jean-Luc Dabouineau 4 years ago in Website • updated 4 years ago 3
For example you do not have your iphone or android, and I want to recover a password ?
I would like to connect to your website and be able to enter my name, master password and site name to recover my password ?

Under review
The biggest issue with a web is the fact that I don't want secret data, including both your master password and the site's password, to travel over the Internet.  These things can be encrypted, but that's not the point: You'd have to trust my server, and you'd have to trust there's no SSL/TLS bugs that we have no knowledge of.

Any web app would therefore have to be implemented in JavaScript, and even then you are running code downloaded in real-time from my server.  These trust issues are the main reason there is no web app for Master Password.

Of course, Master Password is free software and the algorithm is open.  If anyone is more inclined and less convinced of the importance of trust, they are free to implement the algorithm in a web app.

For now, the best way of getting instant off-line access to your passwords if you don't have your mobile on you would be to use the CLI program.  The CLI program currently has a Java version and a more optimal C version nearing completion.
Thanks for the answer. 
I was thinking that it could run locally with  a java applet for example.
important for me because i am not sure to always have an iPhone or ipad with me.