App installed on two different devices yields different passwords for same site. What's the best way to sync this?

Victorious 4 years ago • updated by Maarten Billemont 4 years ago 8
I have installed the app on my ipad and my iphone. I've created the users with the same name and same master password but when I generate a site password, for www.woot.com for example, I get different results from the app. What is the best way (it should be possible) to sync the devices so that they will both generate the same site password?
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This really shouldn't be possible.  If both devices really use the exact same name for your user, the exact same master password, and the exact same site name, and their counters are both at 1 (or both at the same number) they should both be showing the same password.  Master Password never syncs generated passwords.

I recommend you check whether all of these are really exactly the same: make sure there's no accidentally extra spaces in your names or passwords, make sure the capitalization and punctuation is the same: eg. some users reported they accidentally made their master password start with a capital character because of iOS' auto-capitalization.
ah, there is a counter? That is not an option in the user setup or in the settings to manipulate the counter. Can you verify this for me?
ok, there was still no way to set the counter, but  they are both generating the same password now. Not sure what I did differently though
gah! I closed the app and then went to sign in again and couldn't. the password wasn't recognized on either device. So i deleted the accounts on both and recreated them, painstakingly careful about entering everything exactly the same, the little avatar, my name, the password and now it again is back to generating different password for www.woot.com. Are there limitations or restrictions on the master password? Is there any reason to think it would operate differently on an ipad then on the iphone?
ok, after playing around with it further it looks like the ipad is on v7.0.6 and the iphone an v7.1.1. in 7.0.6 the app capitalizes the first letter of a new word in the password automatically, but in 7.1.1 that doesn't happen. I can now get consistent results from both devices (I'm also going to update the ipad :)
Hey Victorious,

I'm glad you figured it out.  As I said, some users were having auto-capitalization issues.  It's great to know you've been able to narrow that down to a 7.0.6 bug - I was wondering why this was happening!

About the counter, this is the number right below your password, it starts at 1 and only goes up by pressing the + button.  It is then reset to 1 by holding down on the button until it resets.