Long Password password type without special characters option

Adam Gibson 5 years ago in iOS • updated by Maarten Billemont 4 years ago 1
I have some sites (by big companies) that allow long password length but don't allow special characters.  I don't want to use short 4 character passwords which is the next option to use because they are way too short for such sites.  Any chance to have more site type options?  Ideally Long Password but no special characters.

Hey Adam,

Master Password has a "password type" button right below the password that reveals a range of different password types that you can choose from for your site.  The default password is called "Long Password", but you can change it.  When you do, the password will be generated using a different set of characters.  In your case, you'll probably be going for the "Basic Password".

Alternatively, you can also chose to save a custom password for the site in the app, by selecting "Personal Password", or "Device-Private Password".  If you do so, you can write out your own password.  Note that custom passwords cannot be recovered from thin air like all your other passwords.  You'll need iCloud or iTunes syncing to back these up if you want to be able to restore them in the event of loss.  You can also export your sites to a file to back these types of passwords up (from the app's Preferences).

Don't hesitate to get back to me if this isn't perfectly clear or if you have any other questions or concerns.


Maarten Billemont, Lyndir.