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Steffen Koelsch 3 years ago • updated by Albert Irtenkauf 3 years ago 5

I read about your work in a German IT magazine (http://heise.de/-2284364, German). The article raised my interest, and I downloaded both the iOS and the Java/Windows app.

The iOS version has some minor issues regarding usability (Jason B wrote about it), I think that's important to get it to work for new users. If you play around with it a little, you get the idea and learn how to use Master Password. I would be interested in a version that always runs in emergency mode, i.e. without having to save the master password on the phone (and thereby not being able to store sites).

However, the Java/Windows version is - let's say - more difficult :-) After I got what the "config" file is about, I stumbled upon a very basic thing: I am not able to copy/paste the generated passwords out of Master Password. I use KeePass, and am used to pressing a key combination and the tool fills in the passwords for me. I think I could live with Master Password not doing that, but copy/paste using mouse or keyboard is a must.

Furthermore, javaw.exe does not quit when I close the GUI, so I end up having a couple of javaw instances running, each of them allocating >70MB RAM. I downloaded your JAR file this morning, my Java version is 1.7.0_05-b06.

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Hey Steffen,

With regards to the iOS usability issues; I'm actively working on those and have a much improved version already in beta on iOS.

The Java version is definitely pretty rough.  It was a quick app to get the functionality out cross-platform and certainly hasn't received the kind of attention the iOS app did.  On the topic of copying the password, you can do so by simply hitting "Enter" when the password is showing (though unfortunately this is not documented or indicated anywhere).

You also make a good point about the javaw.exe process.

There is now a native OS X application and I know some people are working on making a native Windows app available.  My knowledge on developing for Windows is inadequate, sadly, so we'll have to wait for those initiatives to come to fruition.
Hi, can any of you two please quickly explain what the config file does in the Java Version?
You can create a config file called .mpw in your user's home directory containing the line:

My Full Name:mymasterpassword

that will allow fast login from the Java GUI client or the C CLI. 
Hi Maarten

I like the idea of a cross platform version in Java. I tested Java GUI version on my Ubuntu desktop.
Despite the point Steffen already mentioned the the Java process doesn't exit if you generated a password I would like to add some more points:
If you change the password complexity with the dropdown box, the password ist not changed. You first have to change a character in the domain field.
The loglevel is set to "Trace" which shows masterpassword and every keystroke in the domain window. This should be set to "Error" level.
In one of the posts I saw that Enter copies the password to the clipboard. Maybe just add a button to the GUI.
I also would recommend an option to hide the password as in KEEPASS, so that you can paste the password in a password field and it is not displayed.
In my company I have to change passwords on different systems every 30 to 90 days. So I would have to increase the counter. And I would have to take notes what is the counter for what domain. So I would like to be able to store domains with counters. Maybe like in the .mpw file for the username:password with the ability to choose the domain. and have the counter set automatically.
The PIN for bank accounts to use with finacial software here in Germany accept 5 alphanumeric characters. So it would be great to have the possibility of specifing a maximum password length.

Please keep going!

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