Provide longer PINs

Michael Schneider 3 years ago • updated by Maarten Billemont 3 years ago 2

is it possible to provide longer (numeric) pins?
While SIM cards use 4-digit PINs, there are quite some devices that require 6- or 8-digit numeric PINs, e.g. hardware tokens for banking (example: Digipass 250) or chipcard readers having a keypad ("Secure Pin Pad Reader").

This can be implemented with the existing format choices, just by expanding the PIN formnat from nnnn to nnnnnnnn. "new format" and "old format" PINs would share the first 4 digits, hence making the change backward-compatible. If a user had generated the PIN "2738" with the old format, the new format PIN would be something like "27384612". This user would simply type the 4 four digits of the new format PIN and unlock his device.

Under review
I'm going to keep this idea in mind and consider it for future updates.  If I can fit it in using a mostly non-obtrusive method, I shall.  Thanks for proposing it, and good point about the backward compatibility-ness.