Bug when switching apps?

Timothy Chong 5 years ago in iOS • updated by Maarten Billemont 4 years ago 1

I don't know if this problem only appears on my phone, but when I copied and pasted on another place. The app just became really weird when I switched back to the MP app. It asked me for the password again (which was fine), but after I signed in again, nothing seemed to respond, I can type in the toolbar, but nothing appears.. and nothing seemed to be responding. But if I close the app and reopen it, it works again.


Hey Timothy,

Per our discussion via email, it appears these issues currently only appear on a pre-release OS.  I've taken note and will be investigating.  Thanks for pointing out the issue to me, hopefully I can find and resolve the cause, if not a bug within your beta operating system, and include a fix in the upcoming version bump.

Remember that if you ever find yourself unable to access your passwords via the iOS application, there are alternatives: Master Password has a working Java implementation that's usable via the CLI, a Mac OS X version is in development, the iOS application should allow you to export a file that contains all your passwords in clear-text for reference, all Master Password's code is Open Source under the GPL so others can fix any problems, and the algorithm itself is fully disclosed and can be implemented by others.

Master Password project: https://github.com/Lyndir/MasterPassword/

Java version: https://github.com/Lyndir/MasterPassword/tree/master/MasterPassword/Java

Mac version: https://github.com/Lyndir/MasterPassword/tree/master/MasterPassword/Mac

Granted, most alternatives aren't yet to the point where they're user-friendly, but Master Password is currently still young and you'll clearly see the evolution that we'll get there soon!