Please make an android and pc version

Nicolai Linde 4 years ago • updated by Maarten Billemont 4 years ago 2
Without Android and PC support this is a second class citizen on the web, please add more support :)
Under review
You are absolutely correct Nicolai.

In theory, a simple Android version would be very little work.  I already have the algorithm implemented and there's an empty stub Android app.  Essentially, I just need to find the time (this is not my full-time job!)

Android is definitely on the road-map, as you can see, but it'll likely start gaining a lot of traction as soon as I have a moderately stable Mac desktop version.

I'd hereby like to invite anyone willing to participate in the Android beta tests as soon as we get to that point to email me at masterpassword@lyndir.com.  As soon as the first Android beta build is ready, I'll email it to all interested parties.

Thanks for your patience!