MasterPassword crashes if I turn on iCloud

Brandon 4 years ago in iOS • updated by Maarten Billemont 4 years ago 2
I have an iPhone 5S running 7.1.1 with iCloud enabled. I'm also running the latest version of the app that is in the App Store.

I install the app, set up my user and master password, create a few sites/passwords, then turn on iCloud. After a minute or so, MasterPassword crashes.

If I open it back up, it says "Loading Sites" with two twirling circles. After 30 seconds or so, the app crashes again. The repeats forever.

The only way for me to clear this reinstalling the app.
Under review
Hey Brandon,

This issue has been fixed and will become available in the next update.  Until then, you'll have to keep iCloud off.  Sorry!

Regardless, adding the same user and site names to both devices will make your passwords available everywhere too, without needing iCloud or anything.

Hang tight!