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Can we update to support IOS11 pliz

Fred 3 months ago 0

see title 


Wind speed vector arrow and banana numeric vector missing (iPad)

Rolando Vega 5 years ago 0

1) The vector showing the magnitude and direction of wind is missing in iPad.

2) The numeric value for th banana trajectory vector are missing for iPad.

Both of these can be seen on IPhone but not on iPad. Please provide fix.


my app keeps crashing

Krista Yob 5 years ago • updated by Maarten Billemont 5 years ago 1
if I open the app and To start a game it crashes instantly I'm sort of sad because I paid for it!

Sometimes one gorilla is not on screen so you have no idea what to aim for. Happens quite frequently.

Jeremy Brooks 3 years ago 0
Both gorillas should be visible on screen. I was using an iPhone 6.